On 24th September 2013, our Std V English teacher Miss Zuby Malwankar was awarded the 2nd prize for her outstanding performance at the D.R.Kunte Memorial Elocution Competition or High School Teacher.

She was also felicitated for her outstanding model grammer lesson,which was assigned to her by the team of experts from the department of Education benefit of

the teacher of English of Bhiwandi.


Teacher’s awards:-

An important principle of success in all walks of life and in all occupation is the willingness to “go the extra mile”. Awards are a way to encourage our teachers to walk that extra mile. Hence, on 24th February 2018, the management organised a teachers ‘Awards ceremony.


Awards were given for the following acievements:-

  • Timeless Service and Dedications– Miss Lucy D’Souza



  • Initiative and Enthusiasm – Miss Ifrah Moallim

Miss RanjanaUpadhyay

  • Ideas Generation and Creativity – Miss Shaheen Shaikh

Miss Reena Singh

  • Excellence in Innovation and teaching – Miss SakshiMhatre

Miss GeetaChenna



  • The Alert Teacher Award – Miss Anusha Balla

Miss Vishaka Joshi


  • Exhibiting Class Control – Sir Nitin Bastian

Miss Ranjana Gupta


  • A Shining Example of Values –  Miss Vilma Nadar

Miss SunitaValvi



  • Visionary Guidance – Miss Arati Srivastava

Miss Niksha Shah


  • Early Bird Award – Miss Dora Gharat

Sir Krishna Gaykhe

Sir ChandrakantJadhav


  • Team Work – Miss ShuhangiMohandkar

Miss Rita Kesharwani


  • Best Groomed Teacher – Miss Aarti Chawla

Miss Ifa Momin



  • Always Ready to Help – Miss Ranjana Jadhav

Miss Shifa Mulla


  • Rising Star – Miss Shagufta Momin

Miss Hetal Savla


  • Efficient office person – Miss Krina Shah



  • Initiative and Execution – Sir Praveen Ghodekhar


  • Perfect Execution of duty – Miss ZubyMalwankar


  • Life Time Achievement Award – Mrs.Samira Merchant


Contribution to Education and Students development award presented by ILDG to

  1. Samira Merchant
  2. Mrs Dimple Shah
  3. Mrs Sushma Shetty
  4. Mrs Deepa Nagda
  5. Mrs Rani Mahesuni