Rules And Regulation Of The School:-

Special rules enforced for the safety of our students.

  1. The entire campus is under surveillance, and cameras are installed in necessary every area.
  2. During the periods, no student will leave the classroom unescorted by a peon.( for girls only female peon)
  3. Parents will have to access to the campus only on producing ID cards issued to them.
  4. Any outsider will not be permitted to enter the campus unless he enters his details in the register.
  5. All the school buses have on board one school teacher and one female attendant employed by the school.
  6. If a student has to go home during school working hours, due to illness/emergency he is sent only after the parents are telephonically informed to come and collect him.
  7. To ensure that no objectionable article is brought by the students, the school bags are checked.
  8. Mobiles/IPod/ Cameras are forbidden for school students.
  9. Inquiry and action is taken if a student teases, abuses, threatens on assaults another student.

Reasonable Grievances of the parents are entertained if they fell within the purview of the school. (This is only during PTA meeting or days scheduled for the purpose)